Brazilian Butt Workout - 6 Weeks to a Perfectly Shaped Butt

Get the best Brazilian butt workout that builds a perfectly shaped, perky butt.

Brazilian women are known for their sculpted, curvaceous perky backside. While often thought to be purely a genetic gift, this anatomical marvel isn't solely about genes. The secret to their perfectly shaped pair of cheeks is simple: their butt workouts.

But not just any workout, you need the right workout that lift, round and sculpt your butt into a perky, cheeky fuller butt.

Yet, most butt workouts designed for women lack the essentials you need in a plan that creates fullness in your posteriors. To build a Brazilian butt, having the right exercises, workout volume and continuous challenge makes all the difference.

Together, they get lazy butt muscles moving and foster the lean butt muscle growth, and that's exactly what you need to focus on when your goal is to build your backside asset.

This Fitwirr's ultimate Brazilian Butt Workout is all about having the right exercises put together as a 6-week plan with the right volume, progression and frequency you need to build your perfect bubble butt.

Here are the key differences...

#1: Each exercises is curated based on its butt muscle activation level. Our plans consist of exercises that work your butt at a 80,90 or even over 100% muscle activation level when most other plans on market are full of exercises that only work your butt at a 30-40% activation level. The difference is over 400%!

#2: A firm, bubble butt is made by strength, power and explosiveness. Our workouts are designed for continuous challenge and made to grow the fullness of your butt.

#3: All our exercises are carefully chosen and sequenced to hit your butt muscles from all different angles with a slightly different emphasis to create the roundness and perkiness.

This Fitwirr's ultimate guide is a 6-week home-friendly butt workout plan with minimum equipment to transform your flabby butt to your very best Brazilian Butt. No gym required.

What's inside:

E-book : 52 page pdf for instant download. It's a well-crafted step-by-step guide with beautifully demonstrated exercises.

* 6-Week Brazilian Butt Workout Plan: Six butt lift workouts with only the best and most effective butt sculpting exercises according to the latest scientific studies.

* Foam Roller Routine: Self-massage foam rolling techniques to release muscle tightness and knots. This routine will help you boost your strength by improving mobility and flexibility in the hips.

* Dynamic Flexibility Routine: This routine releases overactive hip flexor muscles to enhance the performance of your glutes.

This E-book contains everything you need to build your perfectly shaped Brazilian butt in 6 weeks.

After 6 weeks, if you're not happy with your new perfectly shaped Brazilian butt , email us at [email protected] We will refund your money!

Are you ready to take your butt from flabby to full in 6 weeks or less? Get started now!
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