Yoga Poster

24 Yoga poses poster for your home yoga studio.

Whether you're a newbie eager to learn and get started with yoga, this yoga basics poster is all your need to learn and practice.

This enlightening yoga poster makes it easy to incorporate this ancient practice into your daily life.

Featuring attractive illustrations of easy and non complicated moves, this poster makes an attractive reference point perfect for your home or studio.

Once you've warmed up, expand your knowledge of the practice by challenging yourself to one of the other standing, sitting, or supine moves.

Poses that target the hips, back, and core are poised to soothe soreness through dynamic stretching, allowing your muscles to recover and rebound post workout.

As you move through each pose beautifully outlined in this decorative guide, you'll cultivate a deep understanding of the discipline, and along the way, inner strength, renewed vitality, and an appreciation for the art of asana.

Yoga Poster Features:

  • Yoga poster of 24 beginner friendly Yoga poses
  • Full color demonstrations of
  • A great decoration for a yoga studio or home yoga space
  • A great way to learn each pose or to practice at home

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